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About Us

Scarabaeus General Trading LLC is a worldwide producer and supplier of high quality rare earth metals with high chemical purity

We supply in various forms including powder, wire, ingots and granules to a wide range of industries from aerospace to medical

Our clients include companies from Germany, India, USA, Spain and several more. All of our products are certified and tested for purity and quality

Multicomponent analysis is performed in laboratories of Giredmet and IGAS, SGS and ISE.


Nickel Wire

We produce and supply

Nickel wire NP1 0.025mm with purity 99.98% - 99.993%

Copper Powder

We produce and supply

Ultrafine copper powder PMU with purity 99.999% - 99.9999%

Rhodium Powder

We produce and supply

Refined Rhodium powder (sponge) with purity 99.97%


Sample of our products can be purchased prior to your order for quality testing purposes

Our Value Add

The difference between dealing with us, a producer and supplier, compared to most resellers is that they often cannot provide you with real products, they give misleading information, expired documentation and outdated quality certificates. Additionally the products have passed through a long chain of intermediariesgreatly increase the price of the product.

There are only 17 rare earth elements existing in the world. Not every company is in a position to produce metals with the highest degree of chemical purity and produce high-quality alloys, Scarabaeus General Trading LLC will help you acquire materials that meet the highest criteria. We are producers and offer the shortest path of your order execution reducing all possible risks.

Our individual approach to customers is the main principle of Scarabaeus General Trading LLC. Our products are accompanied by all the necessary documents.

If you would like a further evaluation, we will help you order a sample of materials from Giredmet and IGAS, SGS and ISE, you can then analysis and evaluate at your location, and obtain the necessary certificates.

Some of the products we supply are stored in Germany as samples so we can ship to you quickly.

Doing business with Us

We also offer our services to companies and agents wishing to purchase resources for commercial purposes.

  • Economical pricing and quick order execution
  • As producers, we save you time and money
  • High quality materials
  • All products are accompanied by a complete set of necessary documentation
  • We do not involve middlemen
  • Our documentation delivery process, product supply and payment methods are convenient and reliable.

Forms of payment accepted by Scarabaeus General Trading LLC:

  • Irrevocable L/C
  • Regular L/C
  • Bank Transfer



Contact Us

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